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Saturday 17 December

- The Treason Show -

review of the year

@Adastra Hall 

plus scrummy food in association with Adastra Deli -

it's a gosh darn near seasonal miracle

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What is The Treason Show? - 

* NB This is NOT a stand-up show but something quite different to the norm

 All the best bits of a crazy year, made slightly more crazy by Mr Brailsford and his troupe of willing satirists, as they review just what's been going on through a mixture of media

Straight outta Brighton (& Hove) a comedic juggernaut of a treat. The Treason Show's smiling assassins come over the hills to the FAR FAR AWAY land of Mid Sussex, with their satirical sideswipes at the world of politics, sport and celebrity, taking what's in the news and spinning it into comedy gold. Have I Got News For You crossed with Spitting Image via Not The Nine O'Clock News.


"Brilliantly written, exquisitely performed" ~ Chortle



Good for - singles, couples, groups of friends, staff "Christmas do's"; 

Not Good for - grumpy miserable buggers, under 16's ! people who prefer to spend £40 for a night in Brighton with average food and average entertainment with the added excitement of crap trains and expensive parking;  

Should I bring a first date? Depends if you want a second one....  


   "Multi-talented performers-fast, witty, topical and surreal with a few million laughs" THE LATEST."The savagery of HIGNFY mixed saucy acting and gleeful music, these floorboard terrorists could give The Thick of It a run for their money." SOURCE."An arsenal of acute writing" 

Ha Ha, in association with Fat Carrot Footie events, brings the latest installment of comedic treats.

We offer you a programme of new, raw, talented lambs to the slaughter. Don't be fooled  it's not an open mike night, not just a whim that these guys are coming out to perform for you, but we want to bring you some new and emerging comics who might just have something a bit different to say for we're giving them the platform. No more 'ackneed old geezers snorting out their old routines, grinding away as a "name" on the circuit. No more Norcutt uncut with his pithy phlegmatism, no more bright young comics with every 'ism going. No not for us the guaranteed ker-ching of a Ranganathan dipping his toes in the murky waters of the South Downs sub-tropia, the dangled carrot of fame dripping tantalisingly above our greedy open orifices - take me I'm yours I'm your comedy none of that no more....for these are evenings of bewilderment and wonder.

BUT can these newbies, these swaddlingcote-d babes, cope with a Hassocks crowd more varied than some, more knowledgeable than most, less effervescent than a sulphur spring, more acidic than a banana?? Let's find out as we journey together into new uncharted comedy waters

Hosting us through proceedings for this evening is MC Philip Simon .   "Philip Simon is fast earning a respected reputation on the comedy circuit as one of the leading newer comedians. His relaxed style of performance coupled with his hilarious observations have been a winning combination with audiences across the country." (Miles Crawford, JokeKlub) and is a fine example of what we want to bring to Hassocks over the next couple of years. Philip is one of the most sought after comperes and opening/closing acts working on the UK comedy circuit today. He gigs throughout the UK, as well having performed as far flung places as America, Scandinavia, Europe, The Middle East and New Zealand where he headlined at The Classic in Auckland.

Joining Philip for this auspicious event are ....

Amy Xander, Fran Kissling, Joe Bates, Kate Lois-Elliot and whooping them all home Jon Pearson



- stars of tomorrow in Hassocks today!

some made up quotes that might be heard on the night

"well their not as funny as Doddy...but then who is?", (Senor Hobbs) "Is Romesh coming tonight?" (half of Hassocks), 

"More funny than watching paint dry on the Humber bridge",  "I've never laughed.." (a Ditchling resident)

"Why did anyone think this was anything like a good idea?? It's a great idea!!! Lets hope Hassocks has plenty more of these awesome entertaining and educational nights" (a local taxpayer)

Previously on in HAssocks...

excellent work people. A throughly enjoyable evening

Sean Gorman

Micky Overman

Chris Chopping

Loz Vieux

Dave Chawner

Even more Previously on in HAssocks...

Top class stand-up comedy hosted by Jarred Christmas

Ha HA Hassocks – Friday 17 May 2019


Jarred has the pleasure of introducing; 

Laura Lexx, Ola the Comedian with Adele Cliff and Aaron Simmonds