A Pair O' DOGs
Winners Roll Call

Established 2011

The Pairs event is unique in DOGS competitions. Not only do you have to play ok, but so does your partner, and be civil whilst doing so.

Even more surprisingly with this in mind there have been two seperate father / son combinations to have taken home the silverware

Multiple winners: Ash & Danny (2);  Ian F & Graham P (2)

2020 review

Cottesmore proved to be a good choice for this event now that Hassocks is no more.  We'll be back there in 2021 handicaps adjusted accordingly!


Nearest the pin prizes were won by Phil - 3rd; Al - 8th; Dean - 14th; and longest drive by Barry - fine shots all of them.  Hope you enjoy the wines - all from the Purple Carrot wine list - currently open 12-9 Mon to Wed to take advantage of the food for hero's scham through the month of August...why not grab a massive hot dog , or a sumptuous Sussex cheese-board and enjoy the view of the Downs from our newly reworked patio while imbibing more fine wines - 

sorry not sure what happened there advertising mode kicked in on the keyboard - won't happen again (halloumi Burger - yum)


Our winners at Cottesmore in the pair o' dogs trophy should be ashamed of themselves and I've had a word with the handicap committee and punitive action will be taken i can assure you all, anyway congratulations to Sam & James for an obscene 50 points - I've checked their card, couldn't understand a word of it - so assume its all tickety-boo, corrected the adding up - no more said. Wails of anguish to Mike & Bren who must have thought 48 put them right up there but finished in second.

Congrats also to Phil and Wilf for comprehensively not coming last and beating Aaron and Chris by 2 points - at least i get a nice elderflower drink as a comforting prize.

also worth noting I predicted the winners beforehand by making them favorites, and got the bottom two pairs correct as well! Spurs to win the league, anyone? anyone??

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