The Village Bike

Sam Toft - A nice day for it

10am Sunday 31 March - don't forget the clocks go forward.

Righto - It's a special day so time to get mutha out o't'kitchen and come on the village bike!

Starting on 31 March we're offering up a perambulation, not a punishment. Leave out the lycra, lose the M.A.M.I.L. ,hoick on the front basket and panniers, sit up and beg - however you like to do it get a bit of freshish air in your lungs and spend a couple of hours enjoying the back roads and tracks of our local area on our village bike.

Once a month we'll start off from the Purple Carrot and mosey wherever the map takes us - see attached for March. The aim is for the ride to last up to a couple of hours. Anyone is welcome to come along. There are no leaders but some will know the area better, some will be fitter, but be there ten of you or just one you are very welcome to join in. You might even have a suggested route for a later date in the year.

The Purple Carrot will be open, and licenced, should you require any food or beverage to help you on your way, or supplicate you on your return, but there is no necessity to feel you must partake.

NB Please note there are no official leaders for these bike rides, and all cycling is undertaken at your own risk - a bit like life

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