Thank you, We love you all...

and just wanted to let you know it!

Over the last three or 4 weeks we have put on a few events that have had many different people attend them. A hugely enjoyable HA HA Hassocks at Adastra Hall with Jarrad Christmas, Laura Lexx, Ola the Comedian, Adele Cliff and Aaron SImmonds, had the critics (you lot) uploading images, watching late night film with your in-laws, wanting to be friends with Laura and calling for more as soon as possible.

The fat Boys football tournament was held for the 10th year in succession and new winners LPAC fronted by Josh Paton (who played in the first one ten years ago as a 3 year old (well he seems that young to me!) claimed the trophy - as soon as we find it!

Combining our love of wine with running isn't perhaps the most sensible thing to do but the third Annual Hassocks HIC was again a much enjoyed afternoon of wine tasting and the odd bit of jogging and some snacks to go with - thanks to south downs cellars for the wine choices and Jim for the exceedingly tricky tasters quiz.

Speaking of wine tasting the new tasters club enjoyed a trip into natural and organic wines with tapas style nibbles and enjoyed welcoming back a few old faces and some new into the tasting fraternity.

Obviously we do lots of other stuff as well and a quick thank you to the unfortunate Craig (heal well you intrepid man) for the HOGBAGS bookclub 900 pager Lonesome Dove to keep everyone reading ad infinitum, but with around 400 different people joining us at these quite different events we just wanted to say thanks, it's been a blast and here's to more of the same in the upcoming months.

Talking of which here's a quick rundown of some of what you can get involved in should you so wish - click on the link to find out more or email

Tasters Club - Fri 21st June - Cock tails and food art; and Thursday 25 July

Decidedly Ordinary Golfers Society (DOGS) - Sat 22nd June, 12pm Hollingbury Open (and Exposed); Pyecombe Pairs - Fri 12 July - 4pm

The most Popular Pop Quiz - Fri 5 July (Glasto recovery edition) ; and Fri 26th July (return of the Paulie) edition

Monthly Trivia Quiz - THURSDAY 11 July; Thursday 8 August

Ha HA HAssocks - Saturday 31 August (Adastra Hall); saturday 9 Nov (introducing stage@ Hassocks Hotel) Saturday 21 Dec The Treason Show annual review - Hassocks Hotel

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