August - just, you know, better

2019 has been a pretty tough year for a lot of people in Hassocks. I suppose that is probably true of most communities. Got to tell you I started writing a reet load of morose introspective guff but really most people don't wanna hear it, or read about it. Perhaps like me you just want a bit of respite and bit more cheering up?

Well aren't we lucky because this month there is not one but two comedy stand-up specials.

That's right one and then another one. First you have Stephan and his Hassocks Comedy vehicle with Proper coffee and the friends of Hassocks windmills school association flogging the tickets to brighten up the start of the bank holiday, Friday 23rd at the Hassocks Hotel I believe - always a good time to be had in the Function room when there's a bit of biting wit and draught ale flying around.

Then to wrap up the summer we have Ha HA HAssocks 5th Summer Special @ Adastra Hall on Friday 30th August. It's all changed a bit since we first started doing it (with Stephan, and Lucy) but our aims are still the same - great comedy to make you laugh, maybe think, enjoy yourself in the company of friends family and a whole load of other people you may not usually mix with, try out some local food and drink, and toddle off back home safe and secure in the knowledge you have helped me once again enjoy my birthday and put another summer holiday season to bed.

You can get tickets for HA HA online and in various local outlets in HAssocks (and hopefully Hurst too) if we ever get them printed - and this loverly poster tells you all about it

You can also try and win tickets to the comedy at the Purple Carrot monthly quiz - Thursday 8 August - starts 7.45pm prompt - you might not, but you might have a good time anyway - who knows - might be worth a try

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