I realise I'm straight back on the advertising..but well I have to, or no-one comes!

Before I do though I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all the different people and groups that made my weekend so excellent.

First we had the Fat Old Carrots elders football tournament played on saturday afternoon by 9 teams from Hassocks and beyond (Rottingdean and St Albans being the furthest afield...and a goalkeeper Matt Dolan from Norwich!) all of whom got really into the spirit of it and had an excellent time, even though the weather was appalling. Well done to the Carrotier(s)Hitters for an unbeaten performance and winning back the gorgeous trophy which will be proudly displayed in the purple carrot for the next year.

Thank you second to Chris at the Hassocks for providing excellent food and a dry space for the teams afterwards, and ale seemed to be a helpful addition too.

Third what an excellent comedy night provided by some new talented wannabies at Ha HA HAssocks latest venture - we'll definitely be doing that again next year a few times - and smashing to (briefly) catch up with many people I haven't seen for some time, and celebrate Trish "sheepskin, big cigar, four at the back, hit em where it hurts" Trish Stokes birthday.


If that wasn't enough the sun came out on Sunday and the rain stayed away for the annual dread at the head DOGSoc golfing experience to take place, quick venue change, thanks Aaron Adamson , to Hollingbury and a very enjoyable stroll around the top of Brighton with some magnificent views - golf needs a bit of work though - and congratulations go to Graham Page for routing the opposition and taking all the money back to Seaford.

So now what - are you still there??

Couple of things I'd like to give advance notice of

The Treason Show comes back to Hassocks for their review of the year....less than a week after the election...will we all still be a little bit raw, could they possibly be tooo savagely funny?

and look out too for the Popular pop quiz event of the year. Monday 23 December again at the Hassocks Hotel - more details on this soon - but it'll be £5 a head, teams of up to six,and an immense amount of fun with lots of prizes (some might be really crap though :)). If we turnover enough we'll put money to charity too - WaterAid is my personal favourite -

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