Honestly? Well 2019 saw a few miserable times and occasionally it felt like a proper struggle to get through the year on all fronts - we had some highlights and some food and drink, and events that were cracking good fun - Ha HA Hassocks new talent, the old boys football, Treason Show upped their game, Tasters club had some excellent wines and other drinks choices to be sampled and on the food front the melon crumble stayed back in 2016 never to re-appear, while . The quiz selection trivia and pop enjoyed some good evening culminating in an experimental (but pretty successful) pop(ular) triv pop combo quiz that got 100 people turning out just before Christmas at the Hassocks Hotel Function rooms.

So to 2020 - yes I know we're two weeks in but some of us like to get acclimatised to the situation we find ourselves in. It would appear, after careful evaluation that this state of being (the year 2020 and all that entails) will persist for some time, so we've decided to join in.

We'll get onto the food and drink in a minute, but there will be:

A continuation of Trivia and Pop Quizzes every month on the third Friday;

The Tasters Club enters it's second year, as we enter our 8th year as the olde tasters of Hassocks;

More comedy (roughly quarterly) will be forthcoming;

2 football tournaments will be arranged;

The Hassocks Bacchus run will be attempted for the 4th time;

if it's helpful we'll set up the Sunday Brunch cycling club (*which will also offer training for those foolhardy enough to try the Mid Sussex Tri-Sprint in June;

Philosophy comes back to the purple carrot - why are u purple? - after a pragmatic pause;

Knitters will continue to natter every other Tuesday evening;

I predict a surge in membership for the monthly table top board games club (every 2nd Tuesday)

and if you want to hire out / organise something on the premises at any time during the year...just ask and we'll see what we can do.

Now about the food and drink.

Well it seems that for too long we have been selling our lovely grub and the bestest coffee at prices last seen elsewhere in 2016, which means that the quality of them becomes undervalued."If they were any good you wouldn't sell them so cheap" runs the general commentary. So to rectify the misconception we'll realign our prices for the new decade, get rid of the lines that don't sell / are not good enough quality / take too long to prepare, while providing more new and innovative dishes and expand the food offer in our street food supper evenings. One day this year we'll get that licence sorted out, and there are small scale plans afoot to upgrade the back garden area into a proper place to hang out rather than a treacherous slippy wind tunnel but until the money we're owed comes through I'm afraid that remains a bit of a pipe dream.

Prices go up in February so if you want an absolute bargain in the interim get yourself down to the PC@No6 core hours 7 days a weeks 9.30am - 2.30pm, (Tues, Wed, Thursday food served until 8pm) or check out these events - Friday 17th - Trivia Quiz; Sunday 19th 2pm - Philosophy club; Tuesday 21st 7pm - Knit and Natter; Friday 24th - 7.30pm Tasters Club; Sunday 26th 11am - Karen's 50th Hungover brunch (buzz fizz will be provided);

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