Roll up Roll up - get your quizzes 'ere

Well it seems like everyone and their mother is doing a quiz nowadays, so much time on their hands - nothing better to do than spend several days crafting a well put together quiz to entertain and perplex.

pc quiz 10-13 April

Here's the latest from the Purple Carrot which you can access online, there are also a few old pc quizzes to access in various formats should you have nothing better to do, or find your brain is slowly oozing away.

You can also support various charities by throwing a few quid in the pot and maybe even win on the raffle. check out a leaderboard, suggest rounds you would like to see in future quizzes, oh the list of fun things to do is almost limitless :)

We'll try and provide a quiz every weekend (next weekend it's the Popular Pop Quiz)

for the foreseeable future, next six to eight weeks I am imagining, as we will not be back open at the Purple Carrot until late May at the earliest due to elongated self isolating and general difficulties in providing food, drink, entertainment and a social space...which is sort of what we do

take care of yourselves


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