Do the quiz- it's your duty?

an update to say there is no update? How does that work?

No I'm wrong I can update. The earliest we will be back in business now will be the beginning of July...not June, due to elongated self isolating and general difficulties in providing food, drink, entertainment and a social space...which is sort of what we do. There i did it

in the meantime I can let you know that the first iterations of the quiz went ok (eventually) Team Jade overwhelmingly won the first one, Brunski Beat narrowly edged out Hadleys in achieving solid gold quizzer status on the second one AND, PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY a rather lovely bottle of Rose from South Downs Cellars is on its way to team EUROWATTIES as soon as I find out who they are????

The money rasied so far - not a great deal to be honest is going to St Catherine's Hospice.

You have a long weekend left to undertake the pop quiz. Yes POP - but it's pretty accessible . previous quizzes can also be accessed and attempted here online or downloaded in various formats should you have nothing better to do, or find your brain is slowly oozing away.

It would be nice if we could cover our costs (damned software costs money) and support various charities at the same time by throwing a few quid in the pot that is accessed on the quiz pages, and you could also win on the raffle - Rather nice bottle of bubbles for this one - check out a leader-board, suggest rounds you would like to see in future quizzes, oh the list of fun things to do is almost limitless :)

take care of yourselves


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