Watch out 2020! - pah - watch out Thurs 17 Dec

Watch out 20

20 - if ever there were a bold statement well made that came and bit you hard on the backside...I feel that could be it.

So we're left with December lurking in the background as our last hope of making it to a vaguely happy new year.

To help you get there we throw our hat in the ring with Southdown Cellerman Giles giving it large like a kitten on steroids with a mahoosive ball of string, and PC Chris back in the kitchen throwing down some hot shapes as the potters wheel spins on the flaming grill

Our December tasting, as we enjoy the pleasures of tier two tyranny, will try and cram it all in, without cramming you all in to our COVID ready fun house, for festive frippery and jocular joviality.

Scrumptious winter delights on the food table, with wines for festive sharing, and cheeses for that Waffer thin last morsel of deliciousness - don't leave it to long to book - you will be disappointed to miss out.

This evening is designed with all food and drink available to purchase afterwards to supplement nay enhance any festivious table tableaux - you should definitely do it, I would

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