The Purple Carrot Presents    Wine Wars 3



Fri 2 Dec


A festive feast

Currently featuring France v Australia

Each month two countries face off against each other with four differing wines from each country being tasted to allow for a proper argument. 

Foods from each country will be served along with the wines on the night, to offer a sympathetic juxtaposition to the wine, its aroma and flavours. 

At the end of six months hard battling the two best scoring countries will go head to head in the grand final

JUNE - Fri 24 -  Round 1      Italy (14.2)v(13.8) South Afric                            

JULY – Fri 8 -  Round 2       New Zealand (13.28)v(15.0) France

Aug – Wed 17 – Round 3     Chile (12.58)v(14.75) Portugal

Sept – Fri 2 - Round 4        Estn Europe (14.6)v(13.9) Argentina

Oct -  Fri 7 - Round 5        Australia (15.0)v(13.87) Spain

Nov – Fri 4  - Round 6       USA v Germany

Each qualifying evening will cost £25 – starting around 7.15pm –

to sign-up go to

YEAR TEN - Tasting as we go

Friday 20 May  from 7pm - £10  - taste everything, buy what you want

 - Aperitif, bubbles, whites, and maybe just a hint of blush - all the best bits from the last ten years and the launch of wine wars three - Australia or bust

New ideas in TASTing


once a month we come together to taste things!
Mainly food and wine, but forays into spirits, soft drinks (hot and cold), and the occasional dessert are all distinct possibilities over the coming months and years

£20 members
£25 non-members

membership is for the year and also gets you members specials from Giles at Southdowns Cellars throughout the year and 10% off alcohol purchases at the purple carrot.



We've been having a go at this tasting lark for a while now and had many great evenings over the past 9 or so years

When the time is right we will run wine wars 3 -starting  June 2022 actually - the first two were both won by Australia with differing criteria each year - Germany made one final (knocking out England on the way no surprise there then!)

Other forays have included new world, old world and emerging vines, whiskey from around the world, many Gins with tonic and more, dessert wines and others that are forgotten in the warm fuggy haze.


To look out for this year

  • Asian drinks - the clamour is defening

  • Red, Amber, Green - how to get back into drinking post Covid

  • Spit or Swallow - Ales & Bitter

  • more bubbles Patsie?